Friday, January 18, 2013

Kick off with a Hybrid Craft

I have been wanting to start a new blog dedicated to Digital Scrapbooking & Digital Hybrid crafting.  I havent given up paper 100% - but I love the ability to scrap on a plane, in my living room - or while at my daughter's latest sport, a gymnastics meet. (I hail from Pittsburgh) thus the creation of Steel City Digi.

And what a better way to kick off the blog with a really cool hybrid craft.  I have to give kudo's to Pintrest where I found this idea.  And I have the link to the link to the original pin here.  She has a great tutorial which I will let you read - but come back when done because I have updates to her post on some things that I have learned which will save you some time (and maybe $$).

Here is a photo of my personal keychain, I will make this into a bracelet soon enough, these links are addicting! 

If you read Killer B.'s tutorial - let me tell you a few things I did differently.  You choose what works for you.   The tools are made by Ephinay Crafts (EC).  I could not find these at Hobby Lobby.  At least not at the one in Boardman OH or Pittsburgh PA (or online at HL even).  Maybe because it was before Christmas or maybe they no longer carry them, not sure.  So I went to the internet.... had the punches on sale - BONUS! I picked up the EC Round 14 punch, key rings, jump rings, and some charms at  At Amazon I found prices for the EC Charm set in Round 14 Silver and and Bubble caps in, yes, your guessed it, Round 14. They have other sizes & shapes available - this one worked for me, I was ready to rock and roll!!

Jumprings, I used about 10 per keychain. And I used a clear scrapbooking glue, because I didnt want to risk ruining my pictures.

The Round 14 size is about 1/2" in diamater.  I set up a 4x6 page in Power Point.  (Page Set-up, and then adjust height and width of page). I used this size so I could print on a 4x6 photo paper (easy). 

I created a 4x6 card for one side of the family  (2 sister-in-laws on one 4x6) and another for the other side (for 2 sis-in-laws, aunt,  cousin & me)..  I printed each card 2 times so that I could get the kids printed twice; once for the parents, and the second print for the grandma. I still had space left over - you can get a lot of 1/2" pics on a 4x6.

I created a template so I could size my pics in it, and would know exactly what I would be punching out.  I created a 1/2" circle (Insert - Shapes (I used the flowchart connector circle, then went into drawing tools and changed the height and width of circle to .5" each.  Last in my drawing tools I adjusted the shape fille to none and I changed the outline to a thinner (adjusted weight) red line).

Next I dragged in a pic of a child, reduced size until it fit in the circle the way I wanted to see it on the bauble.  (Note in Power Point, you will have to move the picture to the back by clicking on pic and sending it backward.  I would continue choosing pics and resizing sending the pic back and the circle to front where necessary.  When my 4x6 was getting full - I cropped out some of picture that would not be used and made room for more pictures.  

I wanted everyone to have at least 5 charms per keychain, so I dug into my digital stash, and I created small 1/2" charms with digi paper (you could use regular paper - but I had some kits I love and wanted to use those papers).  I also grabbed some cute fonts and used the text box to add a monogram. I added those to my 4x6 card.  A friend is Irish so I made her so I grabbed a cute 4 leaf clover element, anything goes!

Like I said - super easy and super cute.  Everyone loved their gift - and if they happen to read this blog hopefully they wont be mad when they realize how super affordable it was to make these  for everyone.

(I have since learned from my friends at The Daily Digi, that EC has come up with another more "kid friendly" bracelet, looks super cute and will be posting about that someday soon!  You can see what I am talking about here at a link to the Digi Show Episode 70)

There you have it - hope this was a fun start to this blog, and I hope to add more tips for using digi items and scrapping digi soon!

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